Gigante was the first gang and is still the biggest gang in Scare City. They have the sweetest deal with the NEC and they have the most powerful radio tower, which broadcasts the city’s most popular station, Radio Gigante  32 hours a day. Their never-seen leader’s name is “Chavez”. It’s always Chavez. The name is titular, like “Kaiser”. The current Chavez, the seventh of that name, is the most unusual in this unusual line. He uses Radio Gigante as his pulpit, and on his daily show he broadcasts a radical call for peace in Scare City. As with so many other prophets of peace, a bad end for him is almost a foregone conclusion.

The hammers in the Gigante gang sign symbolize the fact that the men and women of Gigante were among the first slave workers who built Scare City. Their motto is "Construimos". "We Build".