Abdidas - n. A disparaging word taking in all the fake-ass clothes and shoes made and sold on Oasis or brought used from Earth. adj. as in: fake, bogus, counterfeit.


Bái mù - Stupid, literally "white-eyed, blind". Chinese. On a desert planet with two suns and not enough sunglasses, this takes on a whole new meaning.

Baller - n. Someone who's got game.

Banger - n. Gang soldier.

Bem bolado - adj. Clever, cool. Literally "well thought-up". Origin: Brazil.

Bhenchod - n. Literally "sisterfucker". In use all over the Indian subcontinent for eons, and in use now all over Scare City. Indians claim it, Pakistanis claim it. Wanna fight? Call someone bhenchod.

Bindass - adj. All-purpose Hindi term of approbation, originally denoting a cool and carefree person, as in "Check out my man Raj." "Bindass." "Bindass." Now, just an all-purpose word like "cool" that fits in any part of a sentence as in "See you." "Bindass, man, see you."

Bidis - n. Homemade cigarettes. Origin: Hindi.

Blur - adj. Dense, stupid. As in the expression "blur like Sotong", stupid as a squid. Origin: Malay.

Brace - v. To arrest. An arrest by the New Earth Council resulting in injury or even sometimes death, as in, "A couple of bangers got braced last night. They won't be back." From the punning "NEC-brace". See also "NEC-boned."

Bumbaclot - n. Still the king of curse words. Jamaican. Literally "ass-wipe, ass-cloth".


Charanga - n. A loud-ass old car or truck, from Cuban Spanish for a type of dance band.

Cheaters - n. Sunglasses.

Checks and Balances - n. The 9 foot-tall bio-mech cops of the New Earth Council. Part human, mostly machine, they once were gangsters. Injured, mutilated, arrested, the subjects of hideous medical experiments, they found themselves rebuilt into fearsome law enforcement mechs.

Chola - n. A latin gang girl, the female counterpart of a cholo. Arched eyebrows and gelled hair are a must. So is a razor. A chola is down for her barrio.

Chonga - A gang girl with a Miami style, a somewhat less serious variant of Chola. If a chola is down for her barrio, a chonga is down for her hair gel and her barrio, in that order.

Cinnabun - n. A crazy person, mentally challenged. Anglo-Arabic from Arabic "cinnadebun", or "to fly with the crazy eye". adj. as in: "this shit is cinnabun."


Dai lo - n. Big man, boss. Sometimes used sarcastically. Cantonese slang.

Dalits - n. "Untouchables". Origin: Hindi. On Oasis, the term takes in handicapped or differently-abled people, outcasts within a world of outcasts. All parts-people could be considered Dalits, while not all Dalits are parts-people.

Desaparecidos - n. The missing. The exiles of Oasis. Spanish. One of the hardest things for the exiles to accept is that successive waves of young humans have landed on this penal colony in space with no more knowledge of its existence than the first arrivals had, indicating that most people on Earth have no idea what the New Earth Council is doing or where huge numbers of Earth's poor youth are disappearing to.The young exiles are truly "the forgotten ones".

Descanso - n. A roadside marker or memorial to a victim of a shooting or accident. From Spanish "place of rest".

Desi - n. A person from the Indian subcontinent, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc.

Dhimmi - n. A second-class citizen, little people; someone unaffiliated with a gang and therefore unprotected. Slang from Arabic "ahl al-dhimma" or "people of the contract", the name for tolerated unbelievers in a Muslim state.

Donno go where - expr. Lost, literally "I don't know where it went'. Origin: Malay pidgin.


El Exilio - n. "The Exile", Spanish. As in, "This is day whatever-the-fuck of El Exilio". Just as in prisons everywhere, most of the exiles on Oasis keep a running count of the days they've been here. The difference is, there will be no parole, there will be no return home from El Exilio.

Eyeborg - n. Bio-interactive sunglasses with implants. Very helpful on sunny Oasis, very hard to come by. Also, synechdochic for people who wear these glasses and implants, as in, "Yo, eyeborg over there been eyeballin' you all morning."


Fanagalo - n. A pidgin miners' language based on Zulu, with English input, that spread from the mines of South Africa to the mines of Oasis.

Favela - n. A slum neighborhood, a barrio, a solar. Origin: Brazil.

Fifteen - n. An AR-15, a much-prized assault rifle.

Filmi - adj. Looking like something out of a (Bollywood) movie, as in: "All new, all live filmi girls!" A term of art used to promote the charms of prostitutes. Hindi

Fraudband - n. NEC radio stations, which are notorious for broadcasting shit. Also, any bogus information.


Gàn ni ma - Fuck your mother. Chinese.

Ga6 - n. Pronounced "Gat". An outcast. Arabic. It stands to reason a planet full of exiles would have multiple words in many languages for exile, outcast, unwanted, etc. See also "olvidados", "desaparecidos".

Gat - n. Gun.

Ghora - n. Gun. Mumbaiya Hindi.

God wink - Something taken as evidence that a higher power is at work; a coincidence.

Guju - n. Person from Indian state of Gujarat, good at business. Also adj. an admired quality as in "You got him to pay what? Damn son, that's Guju!"

Gulti - n. Native speaker of Telugu, from the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, a subculture of engineers and software developers.


Hack-mecha - n. A low-grade, improvised or ad hoc prosthetic limb or other body part. Also used in any situation where the wiring is not up to code, as in "that peace treaty won't last, it's just hack-mecha."

Hanger - n. A gang associate or wanna-be. Second-class, a punk. See "Banger".

Holey - n. A friend or associate from the mines, as in "I'ma holler at my holey Jose."

Holey-er than thou - expr. Someone who did more mine time than you, or someone who cops that annoying, bullshit attitude.

Hudna - n. A cease-fire. Arabic


Jheelo - n. Zero. Someone who can do nothing, who has nothing, who is nothing, ie. pretty much all the human exiles on Oasis. Origin: Malay.

Jinetera - n. A prostitute. Literally, a female jockey. Spanish.


Kanjani - expr. "How are you?" Common Fanagalo greeting among those who have served time in the mines, ie. everyone in Scare City.

Kepler 56-B - n. The original name of the planet Oasis. First identified (and immediately covered up) by German astronomers in 2007, it was named after the greatest of German astronomers. The existence of this (relatively) close, Earth-like world was kept secret for years. As evidence of vast ice deposits at the planet's poles mounted, a secret initiative was begun, complete with unmanned, and then manned missions of exploration.

Kirk - n. The man, a badass, a stud, an interplanetary love god.

Kos she'r - n. "Pussy poem": bullshit. From Farsi.


Lost and found - Any church, mosque, temple or synagogue.

Lupango - n. Slang name for the planet Oasis originating with East African exiles. Literally "prison" in Kiswahili.


Madarchod - n. Literally "motherfucker". Hindi. See also: Bhenchod.

Mbushi - n. Derogatory. Someone living (or trying to live) in the desert wastes outside Scare City. From the Kiswahili word "bushi" or "bush". Someone too foolish to come in out of the wilderness.

Mikey - n. An untraceable phone. Often used as a proper noun as in "Who's calling?" "Mikey".

Mook jung - n. "Dummy". Literally, the wooden training dummy from a million kung-fu films. A slow or stupid person. Cantonese.


NAAFI - n. A lazy person. Acronym for "No Ambition and Fuck-all Interest". Origin: South Africa.

NEC-Bone - n. Human New Earth Council cops and workers. A despised group; collaborators; the lowest of the low.

NEC-bone - v. To arrest and maybe fuck someone up.

NEC-brace - v. To arrest and definitely fuck someone all the way.

New Earth Council - n. The human raj on Oasis. Shrouded in secrecy from its inception (at the time of the discovery of what was then known as Planet Kepler 56-B, in 2007), the New Earth Council grew from a small initiative by the EU countries into a full-blown military government for this new world. The N.E.C. has juridictional power to arrest, try and transport anyone in the selected Earth demographic (young and poor). The N.E.C. operates the massive ships that take the young human exiles on their two-year voyage to Oasis and they direct all mining operations there.


Olvidados - n. Forgotten ones. The human exiles on Oasis. Spanish.


Pablo- n. A drug dealer.

Parts-person, parts-people - n. All those with bionic or robotic implants or prostheses, from limbs to adrenaline pumps to hearts.

Patty, Hairy Patty - n. Independent bank-issued street money. From Mumbaiya Hindi slang for money "hari patti"; literally "green notes", as opposed to the red New Earth Council notes. Indie banks live and die on reputation, just as their Earth counterparts do, but without any sanction or backup from civil authorities.

Pinche - adj. fuckin', rotten, no-good, worthless, contemptible, nasty, filthy. The greatest all-purpose slang word on two planets. Thus "pinche puto", worthless fuck; "pinche cabron", no-good asshole, etc. But on Oasis, pinche is used every day, all day in the ubiquitous exile expression "It's pinche calor today, holey", it's fuckin' hot, or just "pinche calor". Everybody, black, white, asian, whatever, says this. (Mexican Spanish.)

Procidigaaade - v. jargon. For reasons that are unclear, many of the public address announcers in the ice mines of Oasis are either Malays or have adopted their characteristic weary slur. Thus the announcement "Lot forty-seven, proceed to gate twelve" becomes "Lah for-senn, procidigaaade twel-lah." In Scare City's twisted alleys and tangled favelas, street directions fall into this comical sing-song: "Go up the hill, procidigaaade Sugar Street, left at the sign, procidigaaade ring-road...


Randi - n. A prostitute, Hindi. Used as a proper name, a great insult, as in "Shut up Randi, nobody asked you shit."

Red, Reds, Red Bills, Red Notes - n. New Earth Council-issued money.


Salaambro - n. Arab.

Samzdot, Sam's Dot - n. Forbidden information. In its original meaning forbidden digital information but could be in any form. From Russian samizdat.

Sangoma - n. Healer, street variety, as opposed to a real doctor. Zulu, Xhosa origin.

Scare City - n. The universal name for "New Earth Correctional Colony City Number Two" on the Planet Oasis.

Smears - n. Cell cultures, viruses and other bio-active building-block material for genetic design. What chips are to computing, smears are to life engineering

Solar - n. A slum. Brazilian Portuguese.

Sotong - n. Literally, squid or cuttlefish. A stupid person. Origin: Malay.

Squeeze - n. The gang tax or surcharge on any transaction. You don't pay squeeze, you don't do business.

Steve - n. A new arrival on Oasis; a rube; fresh meat. Everybody has been Steve at one time or another. The point is not to stay Steve. (Rhyming slang, as in "Steve Naive", from Steve Nieve, the Attraction).


Tapori - n. A street-smart kid. Hindi

Tsotsi - n. Thug, gangster, no-gooder. A word from the Sesotho area of South Africa which lent its name to a whole category of languages, "Tsotsitaals" or mixed gangster creoles. The language of Scare City is growing into its very own Tsotsitaal.


Ulabu - n. A potent homemade beer primarily brewed and sold by Kenyans and other East Africans. You don't want to know what they make it with, but it does the job. The word is Kiswahili slang. Also: excl. As in (after knocking one back): "Ulabu!"


Xana - n. Brazilian slang for pussy.

Xota, Xoxota - n. See also "Xana".


Yalla-gang - n. Any small, unaffiliated kidnap gang, from the Arabic "Yalla, yalla!" "Come on! Let's go! Hurry!"