Isaac is new here. A low-level thief and banger in Los Angeles, Isaac will survive the crash of a massive prison transport on Oasis, and his survival will mark him out as some kind of man of destiny. When we meet him, Isaac has a strong streak of nihilism, but has one thing he lives for, his young sister, Rose. Isaac is one of several characters in Concrete Park with blood on his hands, and on his conscience. He tells us on the second page of Volume 1: You Send Me: “Last week some poor 18th Street loco got himself shot for a truckload of water. Fucked up, right? I know. I shot him.” Isaac knows his fate will be a similar one. “What do they say, live by the sword? There’s gotta be a bullet out there with my name on it.” That bullet is one of a volley that ends Rose’s life and sets Isaac on his journey, via secret tribunal and a sentence of “transportation”, to Oasis and Scare City.